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Tachograph analysis. Internet based analysis service for the Transport Industry.
FBG analysis is 100% compatible with both analogue and digital tachographs. FBG analysis provides you with the best tools available to help you to manage your drivers’ working time and ensure that your fleet is always compliant with Drivers hours’ law and WTD legislation.

Saving you time and money in road risk management. Driver data must be retained for at least a year and working time records must be kept for at least two years. In reality many operators download drivers' tachograph data on a daily basis and vehicle tachograph data every week.

FBG Training tachograph analysis service uses the UK road transport industry's leading tachograph analysis software. It is the ideal solution for large and small fleets in both road haulage and passenger transport organisations. Simply submit your digital and analogue tachograph data online, and the FBG Training tachograph analysis service stores it securely, using your data to provide you with online analysis, reports, and infringement tools, all of which are easily accessible wherever you have internet access.

Our tachograph analysis service is highly cost effective; VDU downloads are free, and you only pay for the digital and analogue data submitted. The service is provided on pay - as - you go basis; you only pay for the data or charts you submit to us.


Our digital tachograph analysis service is suitable for use with the DVSA Earned Recognition scheme

FBG Training tachograph analysis service gives you access to over 100 standard reports, all available online. Select the reports that you most need and subscribe to them. The reports of your choice are then regularly sent directly to your email inbox.

If there are any issues in your tachograph data which need addressing, you will receive an automated email to let you know about it. These alerts are designed to flag up any issues, such as mission driver card downloads, so that you can address them immediately to strengthen and safeguard your compliance.

The software used in our tachograph analysis service is widely used in the UK, with over 20,000 registered subscribers. More than 1.3 million tachographs are analysed every month through the system, from over 12,000 locations across the UK.

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